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Life is all about the journey, right?!

So ... I wonder if my usual bloggage (blogging mileage) gets in the way of me getting on with things. Since I took a break from the blog, I've been, well, getting on with things.

For example, I joined my local library last week. I needed to get a PIN to online reserve books and it turned out when I went in to do that that even though I have been a member there since I was born, it had been so long since my last activity that I had dropped off the system. And I had to get a shiny new card. And then I asked about a YA section, and yo, it was the cool area up the back corner with mirrors and posters and stuff.

Anyway so I got online and browsed, reserved some stuff and recommended a bunch of books too. And then my notices to come in and collect things came through this week so I popped in today to pick up some books.

And bloody hell! I may have mentioned here before that I used to have a fear of librarians. Seriously. I wouldn't go into libraries cause I had to face them and that could be why my membership lapsed.

Anyway. Get this!! You can go online, reserve your books, get an email when they are in, pop in and get your OWN BOOKS off the reserved shelving, and then use computers to swipe your barcode ad check out your own books. You don't have to interact with librarians AT ALL!

Finally, we have this technology 4 YEARS AFTER I got over my bloody fear in ANY CASE!

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