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I wrote a list the other day of things that I don't want to have still to do or still making me unhappy this time next year. (Did I do this last year, I can't remember!) It's not really a resolutions list but more of a ... this weighs me down in the background noise, it would be good if it didn't anymore ... I removed some of these sort of things this year and it was a fantastic feeling getting some monkeys off my back (it's like a zoo back there).

One of these things was final closure with the ex which inspired me to sort that out, get my stuff and face that last meeting. And I did it today. It took all of 5 mins. Dunno if that's good or bad or how it makes me feel but now I no longer have anything I am putting off in that direction. I think I have finally severed the tie. He was all "is there anything else etc?" And that was the end of it, I now have all my stuff. Yay and done.

I finally book a map book for my car today. Installed Firefox. Other stuff like that.

I've been wandering around Perth trying to find good book stores, or at least stores with good YA sections - my library doesn't seem to have all the books Tansy reviews in the Shiny mags and they all look so good!! (My library plus the other 5 I have access to via it) I also discovered that all the A&R and Dymocks in my localish vicinity have really crappy YA sections. So disappointing. I complained about this the other night to my uncle who suggested I go look in Planet - why didn't *I* think of that?? (And he listed a bunch of other fancy pants specialist stores) I popped in today to Planet - Robin busted me in the YA section! - and yeah, awesome collection of YA. Doh! Grabbed myself Maureen Johnson's Devilish which I then read the first 4 chapters of in the bath this evening. My library had a couple of her other books. I also got Eclipse 2 (Chiang, Chiang, Chiang) and Vol 3 Buffy. I think I have enough holiday reading to go on with - have about 5 books out of the library and a bunch of other stuff.

Have watched the first 7 eps of the last of Sopranos. Have Dexter, Hex and calla_s's The Avengers to go next. As well as some of the Season 5 Project Runway and Heroes and BSG. I only have 11 days off work left too.

Gotta go!
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