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I met kathrynlinge at a new day spa for a facial and massage. I was 15 minutes late - I'm not very reliable at 9am and I'm still not sleeping. But they punished K for my lateness but cutting short both our treatments. I feel very bad about that. I'm still working on the relaxing and chilling out thing. The whole way through the session I kept thinking I was going to be very upset if we got no massage at all - yesterday I was cheated out of my work massage cause she was running late and I didn't mind cause we were going today. AND my therapist got something in my eye! She said she was careful and I should have had my eyes closed (like I said, not good with the *relaxing*) but she was also rubbing a lot of things in my eyes. Normally they avoid your eyes totally. Not cleanse the lids etc. I had this terrible burning in my eye for the first half of the treatment.

We did though get some massage - feet, hands, neck and scalp. And facial massage - am quite into the Indian Head Massage thing, actually. And in the end, I was somewhat relaxed. Though I note what they didn't cut short was the hardsell at the end of the session - giving us both free makeup application etc (mine burned my skin the rest of the day).

We had lunch at the Crazy Man and exchanged xmassy things - I got VIP nail polishes!!!!

Was nice to sit and catch up with K, not sure when we last had the chance.
Tags: holidays
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