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Resolutions for 2009

A couple of days ago I was reflecting on whether I should make some resolutions for next year. I was thinking about lists and things and how tiresome it can be to constantly feel like you are on the clock. But more than that, I was thinking about this year, and how tired I am from it and what I did and did not accomplish in it. I did a lot, and I don't want to take away from that - our first two books, something like 200 reviews on ASif, 2 issues of Shiny, so much slushing for projects for next year, several cons, Last Short Story, day job was full on, THREE break ups, got closer to my sister, made so many new friends and strengthened friendships of value that I already had, went to my cousin's wedding in Israel, caught up with family there that I miss, caught up with family here that I miss, Turkey, Canberra, Melbourne, moved house, learned to live on my own, got a personal trainer, took up yoga and pilates and started going back to the gym regularly ...

A lot of things. No wonder I am tired.

But even with this huge list, there's many things I wished I had done this year. Maybe it's overly harsh on myself - yes yes I did all the above but here's things I didn't do ... when exactly would I have fitted them in? That kind of thing. But still, there's lifestyle things that I wish I had as part of mine. And I've noticed that getting monkeys off your back ... well, it gets them off your back. And when they just sit there, though they don't require time for you to do anything about them, the act of sitting takes energy, emotion and headspace, even if that's just background noise.

So instead of a Resolutions List, I made a where do I want to be at Christmas 2009? list, or rather, a list of things that I don't want to still have to do this time next year. I was going to type it up for this post, but looking it over it needs some refining. But I will blog it, even as just for a personal reference point. And I've even started working on a few of them. And it feels great!! I'm watching DVDs that I have borrowed so I can return them. I've started cooking and freezing meals for myself. And my pantry is halfway to being the kind of organised that is not depressing to peer into and even maybe slightly energising to want to cook from.

more later.

Holidays Tally
Number of meals in freezer: 7
Number of drawers in kitchen sorted: 1
Number of clothes drawers sorted: 1
Number of craft projects completed: 0
Number of reviews written: 0 (2 Buffy commentaries done though)
Number of stories edited: 0
Number of emails in inbox: 65
Number of books read: 0
Number of short stories read: 0
Number of DVDs finished and returned: 2 series

Tags: new years resolutions
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