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So apparently my mother is more in the know than the online news, she having just sent me a text (followed up with a phone call cause I haven't yet received said text) that ground troops have just crossed into Gaza.

I'm oddly amused that my mother knows and has texted me but the Israeli Newspaper Ha'aretz is still reporting that the IDF is awaiting approval from the Govt and they are supposedly deciding whether they will go ahead with a 48 hour ceasefire.

I've not been following the news at all in the last week or so. It turns out that my stress levels are much reduced as a result and I might look at that in the new year. Of course, I still read lj and there have been posts on various flister's blogs and I have rss feeds to a bunch of newspapers. So I was vaguely aware of bombing and then some time yesterday they started referring to it as a "war".

They are calling up the reserve army which means many of my cousins and friends will now be on duty. And that's very worrying. And two of my cousins from here have just arrived in Israel - one cousin who made Aliyah last week and her brother who I think went for a wedding (he managed to be in Israel for the Lebanon War too).

Reading a couple of articles, I can't help but wonder if the point of this is to destabalise the hold of Hamas and somehow bring forward Fatah as the greater power. In any case, it's not a happy situation and not a way to start a new year.

My wish is for peace and for a rapid end to this.

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