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I should blog about yesterday. Firstly I have been sleeping in all week. How glorious! And then I wrote the article and sent it off and popped over to Leaf to meet exp_err, kathrynlinge, calla_s and idling for a Paris Rose High Tea. How fun! I chose I guess quite a boring tea - caramel magaique (black tea with caramel overtones). B and C had fancy schmancy teas that came in clear teapots and sat on stands with a votive candle underneath. And then we got tiered plates of cucumber sandwiches, mini quiches and lots and lots of mini cakes. So much food I couldn't finish it all (grouchiegrrl we should put this one on our list and come back).

Much fun.

And then K and I came back for a work session. I was supposed to get my study sorted. It might not be a one day task however. I did manage to start my own personal finances budget spreadsheet - starting is always the hard bit, I find. And I did clear a path from the door to all the furniture in the room. I started going through receipts - for some reason I am a receipts hoarder. Though even I can see this was going too far and am applying the Napolean method and tossing out most of them cause they are old now and useless. Yay! That's quite freeing - it'll be another monkey off my back when it's done. I also went through the ASif! review pile and retired the very oldest of material. The bookcase is now reasonably neat and nonscary. And finally for the first time ever, the file marked "Books out for Review" is now thicker than the one marked "Review copies for Review". A system that is working!! A truly great thing!! So much so that I got enthused to work on the website overhaul a bit today. It's fiddly and bitty and boring but will hopefully be easier to navigate and hold more information when I am done. In the meantime, you may come across work in progress.

And that's me!

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