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2009 Resolutions

I love resolutions. I've been clicking through and reading everyone else's. I don't know why I like them - maybe it's the promise of all that potential. The idea that resolving to make changes in your life is the first step towards doing so - that you can change things, you just have to identify what they are and a plan to move forward.

I wrote two separate lists of resolutions - the first was a Where Do I Want to Be at Christmas 2009? list and was more a list of things I want to have done or no longer have hanging over my head. The second was an attempt to make the first list more concise or more of a to do list or something. And it got long.

Essentially my resolutions can really be summarised as:

Complete projects that I have started
Continue along the path of happiness and exploration of love

The above obviously breaks down into a long list, some of which will take all year to work on and some of which will take a lot of summoning of energy to just do them. The thing that I think will drive me to do them is how it felt this Christmas taking stock of the year and how I would like that feeling to be different next Christmas (or is that "last" Christmas and "this" Christmas? Weird).

I have something to confess - I finally "get" spreadsheets and I suspect that they might be the key to achieving the above. *ducks for cover* I started properly setting up my own spreadsheets a couple of months ago - it's a good way to convey information when you work on teams (like ASif, and editing and so on). Turns out it's a good way to store information for yourself that you need to access regularly. I've mostly set up my reading spreadsheet for 2009 using Ben's template and I quite like the adding in of daily tallies. I think I am going to look into setting up a broader one for the other items on my long Resolution list, just as a way of being able to constantly audit progress.
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