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Day 4 of Crohn's flare up and I am now caffeine and alcohol free 2/3 days running. I miss coffee! Still constant cramps. And the knowledge that one cup of coffee will tip the balance. I have moved onto cutting out preservatives/additives starting with the obvious ones - soft drinks, lollies... I've been eating mostly made-by-me food so there's not to much to strip back there mealwise. I've added healing fruitjuices - guava (couldn't get kiwi or pineapple at the local IGA, will source tomorrow) and Vitamin B tabs.

Will see what tomorrow brings.

Almost inhaled Season 2 of Dexter today whilst working on the ASif! web upgrade.

Bought small quiche baking pans and am going to move onto making and freezing meal size quiches next.

Anyone else sit for long periods of time with their laptop on their laps? I'm starting to think I get a pain when I do that and... surely that's not good for one's reproductive bits? Only been doing it everyday for about 3 years or more.

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