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girlie jones


Apparently I go back to work tomorrow. I have prepared for this in no way. My default bodyclock is nocturnal and 12 days off was enough time for me to lapse back into bed at 2am and up at 10/11am. I have not eased myself back into "normal" at all and expect it will hurt a lot getting up and maintaining "regular" hours tomorrow. On top of that A_ is not back at work till Thursday, I have a ton of work waiting for me and am "caffeine-free". (Yes yes, there was a hideous backlash this morning when I tried to pretend I was allowed coffee)

I'm interested to see how my brain copes. I really and truly actually took off the last 12 days and not only did I not do (much) work, my brain actaually went on holiday such that when I tried to do work (things that I would normally be able to do and do in the requested turnaround) I simply couldn't. Brain just would not switch on. I think I burned out. I definitely was exhausted by the end of the year and I worked hard, ramping things up to get things done by the 23rd so that I could, and earned, take a holiday. And I did. I feel like I should apologise for the work that didn't get done and the emails that are still sitting waiting to be answered ... though, I think I am also entitled to the break that I took. And I am glad that I did. I hope the brain switches back on tomorrow. It still feels sluggish. I have a lot of work to get done!

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