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Israeli ground troops in Gaza

So the war advances. I don't actually have much opinion on it, to be honest. I haven't been following the news for about two weeks.

What is of interest to me is that the Israeli Defense Force has gone all 21st century, which I spose of all the armies in the world, you'd think they'd be the first to, and have their own You Tube Channel where they are uploading all kinds of their own footage of the action. It's quite interesting really. It's another example of how the world is going online and of how power is more and more devolving down to the individual. I'm not really much into video games so the footage is not that useful to me and I'm mostly wondering what I am looking at and so on - but I'm like that with the footage the news normally shows - it's all shadows and green and moving at odd angles and ... I dunno.

But I guess this is another example of how media is changing and I think we were talking about it here before where journalists are less and less bringing us the facts and more and more editorialising or talking around it. Because at the point at which the Palestinians do the same, and upload footage to their own You Tube channel, why would you bother waiting for the 6pm news? Unless you wanted to hear someone else's commentary on it?

Interestingly, the IDF have disabled the comment function on the videos :-) I wonder why :-)

Tags: current affairs, israel, media, politics
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