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Gunns Pulp Mill - 3 Conditions yet to be approved

Peter Garrett has approved 13 of the conditions for the go ahead to the Gunns Pulp Mill but has requested detailed impact studies for 3 remaining conditions, related to the marine environment.

The Forest Industries Association of Tasmania (FIAT) said it was disappointed with Mr Garrett's decision.

"These three modules relate to marine impacts and it is my understanding that the minister has approved these in principle, however, retaining conditions based on a precautionary approach is unhelpful and will foster further doubt over the mill.

MMmm... uhuh. Yup, see ... this actually what we call Good Science where I come from. If you're not sure if the effluent from your plant is going to kill marine life or, like, make male frogs into female ones, you owe it to the rest of us (who will have to share the damage yet don't get a cut in your profits) to conduct some more studies to find out.,27574,24874136-5009760,00.html
Tags: current affairs, environment
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