girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones


I love it when I accidentally find America's Next Top Model on tv! I love this show! It's *fierce*

ETA: My favourite bit, apart from elimination and the whining about how *hard* modelling is, is when they ring their husbands and cry about how mean the other girls are to them. These poor guys never have the context of whats going on and have to offer advice to usually hysterical women and like about totally blown out of proportion things - she *said* I could wear the red lipstick but then she wore it too - or whatever. And you can hear them *trying* to be sympathetic. It's awesome.

ETA2: Yay Army Wives is on tonight. I love that show too! It gives so much insight into the American army, or at least their propaganda. Also about how much they hate women since all the women are sluts in it.

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