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Other resolutions

Cause of course I made more than the two I blogged :-)

Last year I made the rule that I could only refuse an invitation if I was already booked for the timeslot. It was a good rule and I think it worked really well for me in a year that could have been lonely and sad. And wasn't. But I also got very overbooked and life was quite hectic at times and it took quite a while to recover and I may have been a little burnt out. This year, I think I am looking for more balance - spending time with the people I love but also making sure I have time for me and for the projects I want to finish. So I think this year there might be a rule to not do anything I don't want to do. Which actually will be an interesting one for me to try and follow. (Incidentally, the exercise for last year must have been successful - I just got invited to a second party on a particular night I was already booked and I'm vaguely thinking of trying to go to both. Both are dress up too. Two years ago, I would have gone to neither)

I also am going to get my Xmas cards out early this year. Which should not be hard to do now that I have a list with addresses and whatnot on it. Just a matter of tweaking closer to the end of the year. But I want to add to that with Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) cards, getting birthday and other celebration presents and cards out on time. And baby gifts. But geez there are a lot of babies in my sphere coming this year! Phew! I'm gonna be busy!

And finally ... convergence has me paying attention. I'd been vaguely thinking for the last two months or so that I wanted to start meditating properly. And then in about three different directions has come advice and knowledge on mindfulness and clear thinking. We were talking about it in counselling today and my counsellor has lent me a CD on mindfulness which I am going to try tonight. I'm thinking too about flinthart's suggestion of taking up a martial art (really sword though? Really? You sure the world can cope with me being able to wield a sword??). I like the idea of working on mind and physical skill together. I like the idea of having better control over my mind, thoughts and emotions. And if being with the ex lead me down this road to here where I have already learned many skills and mindfulness, then what a great gift.
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