girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

General update

I should mention that the Crohn's has settled down. Which is awesome! I might have had two proper serious coffees today and the world is bright and shiny again. I guess I'll still keep a fairly tight personal rein since I really don't like having to give up coffee - that means instead I will give up alcohol for now, soft drinks, very sugary treats ... that kind of thing. And probably cut down on the gluten. I think it's funny that I think that's a fair trade!

Last night I did a 20 mins mindfulness exercise which felt good to be back to working on that kind of thing. I also was a bit silly and took 2 Vit B tablets before bed. I thought it might help me have a deep sleep but no ... I was so wide awake that I almost had no sleep at all.

And I'm slowly getting back on top of TPP projects. Slowly slowly.

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