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Cheerleading - the most dangerous of sports

Courtesy of catsparx who knew I would love this as much as I do!!

Sex, drugs, booze, kidnapping – just another year in the most dangerous sport

Among many items of badness (ER did an expose in one of their episodes the other week, so I know about the bullying and violence), this one, in which I only say, Buffy did it first:

And then there was the 33-year-old mom in Wisconsin who stole her 15-year-old daughter's identity so she could join the cheerleading team (she was discovered when the cheque for her cheerleading uniform bounced).

OMG grow up and get a life!!!

I like this:
In Nacogdoches, Texas, cheerleaders mock executed a rival school's mascot with handguns.

No more pep and catchy jingles for these hardcore cheerleaders. Only in Texas, eh?

The whole article amuses.

There was a gay cheerleader in Heroes?

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