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So I'm still not sleeping well. Falling asleep well after 2am and then dragging my arse out of bed at 8.30 and rushing around like a madwoman but half asleep.

Last night I was disturbed by a bright light suddenly lighting up my ensuite. And my very first reaction was: am I being abducted by aliens? And then I did that sort of unsure, slow motion walk into the bathroom to investigate just like they do on those cheesy reenactments. As I was doing it, I was thinking, "Wow people really do do this then." Followed by "why are you checking it out! Why? Why?! Nothing good EVER comes from investigating it!"

I'm sure it was probably one of the cats next door setting off an outside sensor light.

Still, I had to watch the tennis for a while just to be sure. And so no grey ghostlike presences came and took me in the pitch dark.

And then I dreamt that there was a thick, long python in my bed. And that my dad had to remove it for me. If you've ever met my dad, you'd know he would so NEVER do that! And he certainly wouldn't have used one of Dexter's black bags for disposing of bodies and carrying of killing instruments to do it with.

Anyway ... I'm wondering if my mind is still in the literal - big, thick snake sleeping in my bed or whether it was some hidden other message. I don't like that I keep dreaming of snakes. It popped up later in the dream as well.

Tags: dream
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