girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

I love a plan that comes together

I finished work at 5pm, wandered out to my car whilst hunting around for my keys in my bag to no avail. After several minutes I decided to look inside my car, and hello, they were still in the ignition, behind a locked car door.

Ugh ... I didn't think the lack of sleep was getting to me - I've been most impressed with my work output having met all my deadlines this week (which NEVER happens, I no longer ask for extensions, my wording is - I'll need an extension, thanks). But no.

Anyway. Turns out being a member of the RAC is a good idea. As is having put the sticker on my car with the number to call. I went back inside, gave them a ring, turned on my computer, worked another half an hour and the man called (lost, cause he didn't listen to instructions and hung up as I was giving more) and seriously took 3.5 secs to open my car. And I was only 30 mins behind schedule.

So I stopped past my uncle's on the way home, watched him being terribly shocked when I opted for tea instead of coffee: Why? What's going on? (Parallel universe, my friend, slipstream and wormholes...) and had a bitch about Twilight. I have decided to plunder his DVD collection whilst he is travelling on study leave later this year (when 3 of my 4 books will have gone to press. I'll be lost for things to do!).

So then I spent another 2 hours doing things on the internet. And now it's 10.40 and I have achieved NOTHING.

And am sleepy now. No sewing done this week - perhaps the issue of craft mojo has nothing to do with creative outlet v infatuation and more to do with simple lack of energy.

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