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In other news

Cause I did do other things today:

Including, we actually finally finalised the ToC for A Book of Endings. This is very exciting! We have one final work to decide on if it's in but otherwise, it's done. In terms of agreeing on the stories. It was a very rigorous process which of course involved a spreadsheet and some heated debate, at times. The collection will have a nice sizable chunk of new fiction which is exciting. I'm such a fan of Biancotti that it's been a special thrill to read new works as she has finished them. And her works are getting grittier and more confronting. At least for me. At one point this afternoon, in the middle of one particular piece, I got up and texted someone no longer in my life to thank them for something that I never had before. They didn't reply but that's not really the point. The story made me think about something in my past in a totally new light. And that's the best kind of fiction, to me.

I'm looking forward to coediting the new works with benpayne which is the next step in the process.

I popped out to have a coffee with my uncle this afternoon - he'd seen the opera at the Luna. They beam it in live from the Met. I might go with him to see Madame Butterfly later in the year.

What else? Random ASif! upgrading and sewing and Heroes. And that was my day.
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