girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Someone is wrong on the internet!

*look - over there*

In other news. I am going out to the movies with a man on Sunday night. As a date, of sorts, and to celebrate my getting back out there. I am "seeing people" - that's my status! Yay.

I also joined a different online dating service, doesn't matter on the details. Suffice to say I feel much better armed now I have my personal Bullshit Detector on. I think I am starting to learn the difference between "The Person I Would Like to Be" and "The Person I Actually Am" and I'm so sick of people who present/view themselves as the first without making any attempt towards becoming that person when they are actually the second.

My goal is to stay firmly grounded in the context of reality. So for example, men actually write in their profiles: If I had time for leisure I would ...Bah-Boum! Outta here dude! Why you looking for someone then if you ain't got no time for em. Been there and perfected that tune. So also ... go me!

It's been a further interesting step in figuring out who I am. Honestly. And what I am looking for. Honestly. Suffice to say, I ain't found too many contenders. And that's ok. Wasn't actually the point of the exercise.

But I am interested in meeting people so, if you know someone that you think would be fun for me to know ... well, lemme know!

ETA: When did I get old enough to turn around to someone in the tea room who was condescending to me about how getting used to wearing contacts takes time (I wore them today for yoga, normally I don't get up early enough in the morning for the eyes to be welcoming to foreign objects) and say - I've been wearing contacts for 20 years. Fucking hell!
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