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I have decided not to go to the second yoga class for the week, which is at lunchtime. I really really want to want to go. But I don't. And I have a headache. And I'm going to the gym after work. So ... yeah.

Also. I just heard my promotion has FINALLY been signed off - wasn't the me getting the promotion that was the issue but the whether the job needs to be filled aspect - Dept trying to find cutbacks yadda yadda yadda. I hedged my bets and have been doing the work for it anyway so I guess that's a win and I'm not behind in the workload.

I'm finally starting to sleep better. I think it could be the increased hydration - though to be fair even with lots and lots of trying, I haven't been able to nudge my % up by anything at all noteworthy yet. It could also be the getting back into my exercise routine this week too.

I had a really odd dream though about the ex. He's been a bit on my mind this week. I finally am starting to see how that equation might work - that it takes like a third of the time you were together to get over someone? I am long over him emotionally but there's lots of fragments of things still to process, things to miss, things to balance - this was good here, but that was not, this I could live with, this I couldn't. That kind of thing. That might also be called "perspective". And that's a nice thing to get too - helps to get back to a balanced place and be less bitter and hurt about things.

Last night I didn't get much work done. (You can always tell where I'm at if you can see my status in gmail - that's the number of emails in my inbox, people often ask me, and it includes slush to read and stories and reviews to edit as well as emails to reply to) I had a bit of a chat with my date for Sunday night and he seems very lovely and I'm looking forward to it. I think it will be fun and casual. Just what I want. I also inhaled a lot of Heroes. I'm loving it still. Tonight I think is Chapter 18/19. It's a great show! I think Hiro and Ando are my favourite characters. Though, it is kind of a bit of a pain cause you have to read the subtitles so I have to put my sewing down whenever they are on.

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