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Oh Barnaby

NATIONALS firebrand Barnaby Joyce has launched a fresh attack on emissions trading, drawing parallels between environmentalists and Nazis.

Senator Joyce warned of the rise of "eco-totalitarianism" and said he would not be "goosestepping" along with them.

-- snip--

Senator Joyce rejected a suggestion he was a climate change denier and drew a parallel with the Holocaust, the murder of millions of Jews and others by the Nazis during World War II.

"Climate change denier, like Holocaust denier, this is the sort of emotive language that has become stitched up in this (emissions trading) issue," he said.,27574,24911478-2,00.html

Being both a Jewish person AND an environmentalist I feel ... commentary on this is unnecessary.

ETA: I should add that I didn't take his comments as anti-semetic but rather as a dated old man who should get with the program. As an environmentalist, I think we should spend time nutting out the best way forward with carbon emissions taxes (personally I'd like to see pollution taxes instead) but that they are inevitable and he should just get with the program already. He used to amuse me but now I just find him ... irritating.

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