girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

It's Friday? Already?

Yesterday my promotion was announced in the Section Meeting. And I just found out that all the paperwork has made it to HR and the words "backpay" were bandied about. I think though that I "start" the new job on Monday so the backpay refers to my raise not being seen in the first pay, which is next week.

I've been keeping a log of my expenses this year and will be looking at the total on a monthly basis. You know, to tighten my belt in places that it looks like it needs tightening. Turns out that's a horrible punishment to bring down upon yourself. Though the last fortnight has been full of expenses that are not recurring or are recurring on a quarterly basis. Hopefully February will be less hideous an experience.

*reminds self of the FOUR books for this year*

I am revoltingly behind in my life this week. I don't know how that happened *cough* blogsplosion *cough* Heroes addiction *cough* but I am behind in emails (inbox at 140) and TPP. We were supposed to have two Tables of Contents to announce by now. Things are grim. And my weekend is jampacked with, well, fun and frivolity, so things do not look like getting better in a hurry. So I guess, please take mercy on my lack of replyage or on really delayed replies to conversations that appear WAY over by now.

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