girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Kings Park is Burning

I knew Kings Park was on fire today but it didn't really hit me till I was driving home tonight from work. I could see the smoke from south of the river and the helicopters circling in the sky but it wasn't until I drove onto the Mill Point on ramp to the freeway that it hit me. And it really did, in a very emotional, and surprising way. As I drove up and out over the river I could see red smoke, large burnt patches of the park, helicopters water bombing from the sky and big hoses of water pumping up into the park from the mount side, along Mounts Bay Rd. It was a hub of activity from the air, the water and the road - like doctors working on a patient. The scene was so busy, so many people in so many directions, all trying to save the park.

It was really very overwhelming.

And it then occurred to me that even though I live in Australia and every year we have bushfires, I've never actually seen one. I think I've driven past another part of Kings Park, down Thomas Street, when it was on fire but this was different. I've only ever seen the actual fighting of a fire on TV. And in real life it looked so much more desperate. The outcome unknown. And maybe also a fire burning through bush that I know well made it more personal. More upsetting.
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