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I didn't sleep very well last night. I was wired by the time I turned the lights off at 1 am and then I tossed and turned and then there was a thunderstorm and some odd dreams.

Yet I am not remotely tired this morning.

But here are my two current reasons as to why I like Facebook:

1. My sister is on it all the time and comments on all this stuff on my page that she otherwise wouldn't know or say. And she saw I was getting ready for my date last night so messaged me to see if I wanted her to come over. I acquired her spare (travelling) hair straightners which I am allowed to take with me to Brisbane. It was lovely to have someone there to chat to and have watch you change clothes five times and have opinions on the hair (she always hates how I do my hair) and you know, leave a house that wasn't quiet and unremarkable. She brought her dog - not unlike the dog in Marley and Me ... though to be fair, my sister is not unlike that too what with the spilling of her coffee on the carpet in my bedroom which was not the puppy's fault even though I guess she was trying to get pup out from under my bed where she found a discarded lip balm pot and was chewing it.

Needless to say, that's a moment in time I'm glad I had and wouldn't have without Facebook.

2. My roomate from when I worked in Israel between my two degrees found me last night!!! We got lost you see and I always wondered what happened to her. She was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in real life, born into a Muslim Arab family and was studying to be a doctor in Israel. She was a bit younger than me but had seen a lot more of the world than me at the time ... if you catch my drift, and in many different senses. Anyway, we had a most fantastic time rooming together for about 6 months and we tried to keep in touch.

Gosh I am glad she found me again! Yay Facebook!

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