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So I've spent two weeks trying to drink more water and less coffee in an attempt to raise my hydration percentage on the new scales.

*Finally* today I have made inroads - I have shifted in 0.4% upwards. Seems like nothing, especially when I have to shift it *a lot* higher. But on the other hand, it's required a lot of effort to turn around my personal habits to remember and then to consume more water. I think also when you have been chronically moderately dehydrated for a long period of time, it's not something you can turn around in a week or two. (I'm also drinking to replace electrolytes etc)

It's kinda sad how I got here ... it's one of the last bastions of the OCD but it shall soon be conquered too. I look forward to not having headaches, neck aches and sometimes my kidneys hurt. And I am hoping I will think faster and more lucidly and perhaps procrastinate less - one can dream can't one?

I'm encouraged by finally shifting the percentage. But also ... I've lost weight. Yeah it turns out mostly you're thirsty and not hungry. And if you're busy filling your stomach up with water, you're not hungry. And you need to be hydrated to actually burn fat - remember my complaining how hard I was working out last year and not shifting any weight?

As usual, it's the obvious solutions that I overlook, most of the time.
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