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Ticon4 reviews 2012:

On the anthology, Farr says:
Overall there is dark, despairing tone to the anthology: few if any writers are predicting a positive, promising future. Perhaps this represents the hangover of 11-plus years of John Howard, and 8 years of Dubya, and an anthology published in 2009 looking forward to 2013 may have a different focus.

Probably we'd include economic meltdown :-)

On the Press, he says:
There is a real joy in seeing a number of Australia’s most experienced writers contributing stories to the first anthology of a fledgling press. This can only bode well for the future success of Twelfth Planet Press. Should the publishers survive to 2012, I hope the world is a brighter place than this anthology suggests.

And another review of Angel Rising over at Not Free SF Reader, where the novella gains a 4.5 out of 5, Blue Tyson says:

The anachronistic setting is a feature in these stories, and given that, I call it a planetary romance of sorts.
Gordon is an adventurer, a bon vivant, but not a complete rogue, as on New Ceres he has an official role as a Proctor. Which, basically means working for the woman in charge of the place (The Lady Governor) as a troubleshooter, to sort out whatever problems might occur and protect the stability and sovereignity of the realm, if you like.
Flinthart is a writer who clearly has a respect and love for adventure stories.
I look forward to more from this bloke.

And of the Press, he says:
Well done to Twelfth Planet Press for giving some novellas a shot, too.

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