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Announcement: A Book of Endings by Deborah Biancotti

Twelfth Planet Press is pleased to announce the contents of our upcoming short story collection by Deborah Biancotti. A Book of Endings will feature 21 stories including six new works by the author. Coedited by Alisa Krasnostein and Ben Payne, A Book of Endings will be launched at Conjecture, the Australian SF National Convention, in Adelaide, June 5-8, 2009.

Photo by Ellen Datlow

The Distance Keeper
The Dying Light
The First and Final Game
King of All and the Metal Sentinel
Life's Work
Number 3 Raw Place
Pale Dark Soldier
The Razor Salesman
Seven Ages of the Protagonist
Silicon Cast
Stealing Free
Stone by Stone
Summa Seltzer Missive
The Tailor of Time
Watertight Lies

And including 6 new works:
Coming up for Air
Diamond Shell
Problems of Light and Dark
Six Suicides
This Time, Longing

For a sneak peak at work by this multi-award winning writer, read Tailor of Time online or download Stealing Free as a podcast read by Nick Evans or read Summa Selzer Missive in its original, online, form.
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