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I did not stay up to watch the Inauguration in the end.

I got very sleepy around 11pm and decided that was a normal time to go to bed and that in fact, since I am going to be in Brisbane on Friday and hanging with a bunch of people who send me hyper, I might be well-advised to not go into the mayhem already tired. And somehow I am already pretty tightly scheduled for the weekend :-( I have realised that I will need the Monday to recover and have myself flying home Sunday night to sleep the Monday public holiday. Or like ... lie in bed and listen to the Hottest 100.

And on top of going to sleep early last night, I accidentally slept 10 hours. So I must have been tired.

Today is my last day in the office for the week. Tomorrow I will be out on a field trip. And then Friday, I am leaving to catch my jet plane at 10am.

So ... email access will be minimal-ish after today.

I'm catching up on the Inauguration goss now. I am undecided on Michelle Obama's outfit though I am amused at Laura Bush's white coat. I am reading the speech transcript, looking at the pictures and smiling because today there is no longer a monkey in the White House and President Barack Obama is finally the leader of the free world. It is really very very cool. Oh Happy Day!

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