girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Natcon 2009

At what point will we know that the Adelaide Natcon is not happening? Twelfth Planet Press has two books scheduled (on our timetable) to be launched at the Natcon and both these books will need to go to the printer pretty soon to meet that deadline.

I'm off to Brisbane tomorrow, where awesomely many of the authors I am working with this year will be, and so I am organising meetings to set final deadlines including things like when we need to lock in artwork and printers' quotes and things.

At what point do I decide that Adelaide has become too risky - both in terms of committing TPP monies to that schedule (and mine for travel etc) and in terms of when con attendees start deciding to bail out and go to other cons this year, thus making it less attractive for book launching?

There must be some kind of linear programming type maths I can do to work out the exact date?
Tags: natcon, twelfth planet press
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