girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Happy Hottest 100 Day!!!

Woot! My plan for today was always about lounging around and listening to the Hottest 100 after the full on Aurealis weekend!

Firstly, I AM the demographic since pretty much my 10 votes are all now starting to be played in the Top 10! I love the Hottest 100. I always think the JJJ audience has such awesome taste with the best music played all day.

Secondly, it turns out that I scheduled this day well since I am actually in bed finally admitting I have another Crohn's flare up which actually means the one from over Xmas never went away. I can't actually move, sitting up in bed is not pain free and I walk like an old woman whenever I have to get up. And I have to be better by tomorrow!!! They'll never believe I am sick! I was in pain all weekend but it was ok - I get easily distracted when fun and engaging people buzz around me. This flare up though is the hardcore Crohn's and has nothing to do with what I eat and drink and is one of the extreme end of symtoms that I don't normally experience. Meaning I don't much know how to help myself. The only thing I'll say is going to the bathroom shouldn't make you cry. Please please please dont let a colonoscopy be in my near future.

Thirdly, despite the above, I have had meetings about books, sorted some deadlines for other books and made major TPP change decisions today. Big day.

More on the weekend and the awards night to come.

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