girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Still sick

Went to work. Sat at my desk for an hour and realised that I was not going to be able to sit there for 7 hours and came home to work. And must have been more unwell than I realised, or cassiphone's napping is catchy, cause I had a two hour nap. I never ever nap. And since waking up, rereading some of my emails and comments on blogs I have found they make no sense whatsover. Brain-typing coordination is not switched on, apparently.

Probably should not read complicated high level policy now and should instead call it for what it is: a sick day.

In yesterday's post, when I said I could eat whatever I wanted cause it doesn't matter? Yeah, that was the mania talking. Today the only things that look appealling are water and rice. I hurt so much I can barely walk - I look like a nana walking around and that's why I got sent home! I feel like I have been ripped from the inside out and my guts ache so much that I can tell you exactly how they have been folded into my lower abdomen cavity. I just fried up a big batch of rice, yay for only buying gluten free soy sauce, and that should do me for lunch and dinner today and lunch tomorrow. I suspect painkillers at this point will exacerbate the physical problem so I am putting up with it at the moment.


What a joy am I, eh?

Tags: crohn's disease
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