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I figured it out - I am a fangirl after all.

The moment of clarity occurred during the Aurealis Awards when I sat with benpayne, cassiphone and editormum and we followed along each category, commentated amongst ourselves and I texted home the results to kathrynlinge who was kindly uploading them to the internet. It was about the time I realised that we were probably the only people in the audience who had read pretty much most of these shortlists and much of the nominations lists they came from. And that we were probably the only ones who would scour judges reports, link back results to previous years and remember particular results for years to come. We are fans of awards and reading lists. It's what we do and care about!

And the ultimate moment for me was when Melina Marchetta went up to collect her award and it hit me that she wrote Looking for Alibrandi - like I knew she had and I noted it when her new book came through the ASif! review pile but that's SO NOT THE SAME as seeing the author who wrote an awesome book that you love and that truly spoke to you GET UP AND WALK ACROSS THE STAGE! It was really really cool!

That, and watching Trent accept his award whilst cheering in the audience with my best friends and looking at each other knowing that we edited and published it.

I'm an awards fangirl. There, I said it.

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