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And from the weirdos files

Ivan Milat is protesting to the High Court, which last dealt with him in 2004 when refusing to allow an appeal, the letter inside was to NSW Supreme Court Justice Peter McClellan, who in July, for the second time, officially refused Milat his wish for an inquiry into his conviction.

Um... this is after: AUSTRALIA'S most notorious serial killer is on hunger strike after earlier cutting his finger off with a plastic knife.

DUDE!!!! Like, hello! You want to convince the Supreme Court that you deserve an appeal against your conviction of 7 murders by hacking off your finger with a PLASTIC KNIFE! Yeah, that's convincing behaviour. I'm still trying to imagine how you actually do that and can now feel safe at night knowing the right man is behind bars.

The news story: Ivan Milat, who was jailed for life in 1996 for the murder of seven backpackers, cut off his little finger on Monday and placed it in an envelope addressed to the High Court of Australia.

And some commentary: "It seems he doesn't mind looking at someone else's blood but apparently he's not good at looking at his own," Corrective Services Commissioner Rod Woodham said.

"Took him 20 minutes to saw it off, the idiot," Mr Woodham said.

"For some reason he thought he'd be able to cut his finger off and it wouldn't hurt."

All quotes from,27574,24973668-1242,00.html and all damning evidence for me.

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