girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Don't question it!

It seems the taking it easy(ier) over the weekend has paid off! I have woken this morning, albeit late and after an odd dream I don't remember though something to do, again, with being lost in a big foreign city, two nights in a row now, this time with added water and boats, in an awesome mood. (See what I did there? With the long and rambling? Yes I am catching up on slush, why do you ask?)

Anyway. The brain feels the clearest and most focussed in weeks. I'm in a mood for getting things organised and done and things have been slowly becoming so all morning.

I'm going to skip yoga today ... shouldn't but it's hot and I don't want to push the body if it is finally starting to heal itself.

I started the day with 94 emails in the inbox, once all the overnight mail was dealt with. I'm gonna check back in before bed to report on that - and plan on it being seriously kicked in the arse!!

Hope it's not too hot where you are (or cold, if you're north of the equator).

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