girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Something different, something a bit crazy

I haven't been sleeping well. And I've been pretty shattered, mostly, walking through this week. My brain has been whirring along and I noticed that I have been speaking far too fast.

So last night, I did something totally out of character! I turned off my laptop before 9pm and knitted a sock in front of the TV. And then at 9.30, I turned off all the lights and just kicked back and watched that Addison show in the dark, chilling out.

It didn't so much help with the sleeping - still tossed and turned and had another nightmare (night before last there was a murderer, last night the colleague who annoys me ... annoyed me, in an office setting in my dream. She stuck her bum in my face in fact!) But I like to think that I relaxed just a tad before trying to sleep.

And today, at lunch, R at work says: Hmmm .. my mind went to a dirty place just then. And I blame you!

Heh! Yay.

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