girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones


Scattered. Scattered. Scattered. That's me at the moment. And I hate that feeling - not actually achieving anything. Feeling unproductive, or worse being unproductive, sucks me into a downward spiral.

Scattered. Things started and unfinished - abandoned mid-thought or task. Grrr... So many of them. And they are grating on me today.

My task for the weekend is to finish what I start and I cannot move onto the next thing until I do so. And I'm going to list the tasks as I complete them here.

1. Proofed Seven Ages of Protagonist
2. Edited Hush
3. Full grocery shop (hopefully this will mean I eat better and more economically)
4. Cleaned out fridge
5. Made sushi
6. Cleaned up after making sushi
7. Sent Stone by Stone to layout (again)

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