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Dollhouse Episode 2 - The Target

I don't think I've ever been this up to date with a show before. I'm *trying* to relax!


I don't think I enjoyed this episode as much though I do feel that a lot of groundwork was laid down to show there is about to be a lot of unravelling. Who is Alpha and why does he want to eliminate the Dolls at the Dollhouse? And also that Echo is not totally losing the imprinted personalities, and her original one.

Who the fuck was the creepy client who wanted to hunt a woman like she was prey? That was fucked up. AND hello? Cheating by drugging the prey! Bad sportsmanship! SO ... flashbacks for me to both Dark Angel and of course Buffy during the chase and the outcome.

The only issue I had was with the jumping back and forth in time. For a while, it was not clear that was happening and I got confused because of the "Three Months Ago" subtitle but then no further delineation of time. Took me about half the episode to realise that the chase was occurring in present time.

I still like it!

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