girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Swanconning and Announcements, in no particular order

Announcement 1 - After over a year as Subeditor for ASif!, electricant has accepted the position of Editor at ASif! Twelfth Planet Press continues to grow, as do our individual projects like ASif! and in order to continue our publishing schedule (of between 150 and 200 reviews a year), it's now time for ASif! to have an additional reviews editor. It's kinda of an exciting moment and I'm so glad electricant is happy to expand his role. All enquiries and questions can still be directed towards me.

Announcement 2 - If you happen to see some bright blue flyers floating around at Swancon over the next couple of days, that's our bid proposal to run Swancon 36. Have a look at the info, come talk to one of us and please consider coming and hearing our proposal and voting for our bid at the WASFF AGM on Sunday morning.

Announcement 3 - I have one Cat Sparks at my house.

Announcement 4 - NCN looks very shiny and elegant. I am very happy with her.

Announcement 5 - Having fun at Swancon

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