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tired now

Today was the big ticket day at Swancon for me. I'm still wondering how I can have gotten sunburnt when I spent the entire morning in the WASFF AGM and then afternoon upstairs in the Dealer's Area? I'm not even sure I *saw* any sun. I was also hideously hungover, successfully having drunk more last night than I did at my birthday, when I swore off alcohol, and managed to mix all of my drinks. Very ouchy! Very not cool as an engineer who learned that lesson already the hard way. I spent the entire day feeling very unwell.

We bid for Swancon 2011 with our "Swancon 36" bid and were successful. Yay! We have a ton of ideas, most of which we had time to pitch in the meeting. Thank you to everyone who voted for us. We have a lot of work ahead of us and we're really itching to get started. I also kinda discovered I really love meetings. I was having too much fun in there ... for a while. Then it was a really long meeting. I might just like the voting aspect :)

I'm having the best time at this con. The committee are unbelievably helpful - invisible almost but then you look over your shoulder and they're behind you helping you set things up or coming past to check you have everything you need. I really love the dealers space that got worked out in the end. I'm having a great con. Also, so many people are full of so much information and are so happy to help and to share it. It's really invigorating to get to be in that kind of space. And I just love getting to be a part of it.

I just dropped Cat off at the airport which was sad - she was here so briefly and now is gone again. But I'm really glad she decided to come. It's always nice to see her and get to talk face to face. See ... slight postcon blues there already cause she's not down the corridor to go ask her a question :(

But that just kinda makes me excited about Natcon which is actually not that far away (eek! Peter's book! Gotta get moving!). It'll be June quicker than I'd like and I'll get to see lots more of you in person! Yay.

What else? The Tin Ducks were on this evening and the room was very beautifully decorated - it had helium balloons and stars AND tribbles. What more could you want?!

My favourite moments were John Parker for Best Fan Production for Wastelands and Ju Landesse receiving the Chair Award. John's con was so well organised and so relaxed and enjoyable. I'm so glad that everyone else thought that too. And Ju's squeak which was pretty much the highest pitch I've heard come from her when she got up to thank the (outgoing) Chair had me with tears in my eyes.

And the Mumfan - you can't go past that award. And you know the Board got it right when you've just been in a conversation with the recipient 5 minutes before the ceremony and she's offering to help you out on treasury aspects/advice cause she's done it before.

So I think I just signed up to be far more involved in the WA SF community for the next little while. And I'm really excited about all the new friends I am sure to make and all the things I am going to learn. I just ... have to get some sleep now before all that.
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