girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

New Ceres Nights Book Launch

Last night we launched New Ceres Nights.

A big thank you to Liz who made and organised all the costumes except for Tehani's. And thanks to Liz and Kate who dressed me and dealt with wig fail. Did you see the size of my arse? It was enormous! Crazy and impractical!!!

Also a big thank you to Cat, Liz and Kate for reading excerpts from the book.

Many thanks to Tehani, Kathryn, Alan, Maia and PRK who helped set the room up and help me pull off the vision of a New Ceresian coffeehouse. And then helped me clean up afterwards. Thanks also to Matt for child wrangling, cleaning up and schlepping!

And finally thanks to everyone who came.

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