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I have so much to say about Swancon this year. It was such a different experience for me this year compared to my other Swancons. But I am tired and should probably stay in this quiet room by myself for awhile. I noticed my rate of speech was accelerating frighteningly today. Time to slow down and chill out :)

I forgot to mention, in my excitement yesterday, that Ben and I won a Tin Duck for 2012 and a group of us won a Tin Duck for our conversational review of the Twilight series (I have certificates for those of you who weren't at the ceremony). I am so chuffed for the nod to 2012. A year on and I am still very very proud of TPP's first book and of the work Ben and I did on it. The review too was a lot of fun to do and I hope, in our spare time this year (HA!) we might find time to do it again.

But ... actually, I think I have come out the other side of Swancon Contact profoundly changed. It was a very busy con for me. A lot happened, we worked very hard on a bunch of things and I met so many people I had been wanting to meet up with in person as well as a whole bunch of people I didn't know that I wanted to meet until I did! My view point has shifted and I am going to need to sit down and think through a whole heap of stuff in the next few days and figure out some stuff.

And every now and then this thought happens to me: OMG! We are running Swancon 2011!! OMG!

So if you are nearby when that happens, just smile and nod. It seems to pass quite quickly.

Again I went through the con entirely forgetting to eat. I think if Swancon continues to insist on being over Passover I am going to have to be organised enough to bring food in for each day. I ate lunch today and I can't remember the meal before that - maybe lunch with Kathryn on Saturday? Dinner Saturday night? It felt odd and really good to have a meal in my stomach. I need to remember to eat meals at cons!!!!

Yay to my boss who made me book leave for tomorrow. She is truly wise.

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