girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

I took a day off

This was very weird, I really didn't know what to do. Still doing the post-con comedown so my brain wasn't lucid enough to focus on anything in particular. I ended up getting out of bed and taking jonathanstrahan's advice and heading to my fave local cafe with a book that would be totally comfort reading. I took The Yiddish Policeman's Union which I have been really wanting to get to for ages. I didn't have the headspace to sit still and read it but from what I did read, I'm really liking it. I'm enjoying the added bits of Hebrew/Yiddish - heh - there's a character called Karpas! Heh, that's really funny but probably not if I explained it. It's like the Star Trek novel I read once where the bad guys were called Chametz, Beytzah and Charoseth. What? Are Jewish people never gonna read this stuff?

Anyway. Since I didn't have the ability to sit still, I did a bunch of other things - headed off to JB HiFi and discovered that BSG Season 3 is not on DVD yet. Grrr. Bought an older CD of Girl Talk instead. Also sorted out the handbag of hell that pissed me off this last weekend (constantly hiding keys and phone) and bought a new one that's all serious looking and a bit Art Deco. Bought a pair of 1920s style boots for winter whilst in Myer as well - cause ... do I have to justify that? And also bought a new printer. It seemed a bit ridiculous to be a publisher and not be able to, like, print stuff.

Then I headed to Planet, chatted to robinpen and bought a nice new notebook. Met jonathanstrahan for coffee and more Swancon debrief. So tomorrow is gonna be the real comedown from con day I guess.

Had coffee with my sister and Mum and then headed home.

Also have doggie news - looks like I shall be adopting Benji over the Anzac Day weekend - he has to get desexed and a couple of med things sorted out. The kennel comes tomorrow and I spose I should start thinking about supplies and so on.

Looking forward to Natcon. Making plans already for Natcon and will be getting stuck into Horn as of tomorrow.

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