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Just back and sat down from Shabbos dinner. My sister cooked a family dinner for our mum's birthday. She did an almost entirely vegetarian indian meal - one non veg curry, everything else completely vegetarian. It was delicious. AND! Came with Bollywood music which is so infections you *have* to dance.

And then my brother in law put on Rolling Stone's top 500 songs of all time, when we got sick of the same 4 Bollywood tracks over and over. And it was a delightfully eclectic series of songs jumping all over the last 4 decades. And some you *have* to dance to - like "Shout" and then some make you have this conversation:

BIL: Some of the 500 are really hard core rock, though.
Me: What do you mean?
BIL: Like the Ramones
Me: That's punk. Hey Dad, did you like the Ramones?
Dad: Who?
Me: The Ramones
Dad: Never heard of them. What decade were they?
Me: The 70s.
Dad: Oh.
*realises he's losing points*
Me: Hey Mum! Have you heard of the Ramones?
Mum: Um, yes!
*and proceeds to start doing a dance impression and gesturing about hair*
*I turn to Dad*
Me: Dad, Mum's officially cooler than you

We finished dinner and cleaned up and then were waiting for my aunt and uncle to come by for coffee and cake. They are religious so walked to my sister's and also would have started dinner later than us. So we were killing time for a bit.

And there was this minute where I was above my body watching myself really briefly and realised I was in a single moment of pure happiness. My brother in law was showing my Mum something on the computer. My sister was pottering around. I was making the dog dance to "Honky Tonk Woman" with me and swirling my skirt around and being really silly. And my Dad and Nana were sitting at the table and watching the dog and me and laughing. And I realised there was nothing about that moment that I would change.

And I'm going to cherish it.
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