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Was that really the long weekend? Man! At least I have a second one coming up this weekend. I just did crazytown, I think.

Saturday I got my hair coloured (it's now more red, with blonde highlights) and cut. I think it's too short but time'll fix that. Then I hosted a Tupperware party and discovered I should add "pantry reorganiser" to my potential job options of choice. The Tupperware lady made a very quick and frankly, delicious, rocky road. Was a lovely catch up. Then I made it to my full body massage only a bit late. Was tough lying on my stomach with the head cold. Probably got in the way of relaxing a bit. Sat and had tea with the therapist afterwards and chatted and ended up signing up for her Thursday night new yoga class. And am oddly looking forward to it. Then I hot footed it off to catundra's, hideously late. She had been dogsitting Benji and made a delicious soup for dinner. Was a thoroughly lovely evening of talk, a little craft, and just hanging out on an almost wintry evening.

Sunday I got up late after a late night, headed down to editormum's with Benji to help pack and do the final once over on the proof of Horn. Zoomed back in the evening to feed the dog and then go out for drinks with R. Had a good chat, among other things, about my cv and my job sitch and what I want to do etc.

Again with the late night. Slept in and mooched around and then caught up with maelkann before he nicks off for 6 months. It was my turn to pick a movie and since he chose the pain that was Notorious last time, which only serves for us to use a baseline for "worst movie ever made", I opted for a romcom. And chose I Love You, Man. I dunno. We loaded up on icecreams and candy and were in a bit of a silly mood. If I think about it too hard, the female characters were not that strong, and probably a bit upsetting, and the gender thing - constantly playing with assumptions, could have been interesting but possibly dances on the side of ... if you can relate to women, you probably can't relate to men (if you're a man). However, it was very silly and Paul Rudd did a very good job of making uncool look really really uncool and try hard. And I had a lot of fun with it. We were the only people in a pack cinema who got the Lost references. I think that's sad!

Took Benji to meet my sister's puppy since he will be spending the weekend there and um ... yeah. Came home, had a close encounter with a tree frog at my front door. Considered calling someone but toughed it out and snuck it and left it there . Hope it's gone in the morning.

And now I have a big headache and a lot of work that I didn't get done this weekend. And it's 9.30! Where does the time go?!
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