girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

A good day!

I had a really good day today though it did kinda break my brain.

Forgot about my trying to get to bed before 11.30 so as not to feel dead on legs in the morning, and went to bed after 12.30. I should try and remember this tonight instead! Raced into work and grabbed coffee, sorted things and then went to our section meeting armed with rocky road. Was a sad meeting as it was our manager's last one. We gave her a lovely green glass bowl and she nearly cried. I said my goodbyes at the end of the meeting because I couldn't make her farewell lunch and she starts her new job tomorrow. But a few of us missed the lunch and will take her out to dinner instead.

Ate lunch at 11.30 and headed into the city at noon for v important meeting. Had trouble getting parking but still had buffered in time to check out a new coffee shop my brother-in-law told me about - Cafe Vinyl. Oh yes, good coffee! I also ran an errand and left some books for fredmouse at Fantastic Planet.

The meeting went for 4 hours. But I actually kind of enjoyed it. And it made me realise how much I love my current job. Sigh. It also pointed out to me that I think I carry residual fears that are inappropriate for who I am now. My cv makes me feel sick because I haven't really messed around with it since I first really wrote it - back when i didn't really have much to say about me. Whereas now I do have things to beef it out and if I do that, I will be proud of it. So too, I think I am scared of panel interviews because I used to be scared of speaking in public and I was worried or lacked confidence in what I had to say. That's probably not a warranted fear anymore and I should maybe think about readdressing why I really fear it. And in fact, if I do. Again with the getting caught in stale loops of thought.

Traffic home sucked cause of the rain. The dog did not take shelter from said rain and was wet and dirty when I let him in the house - he had had an emergency bath at 10 last night too :(

And I have done none of the things on my to do list. The meeting left me with a headache (good meeting but complex thinking required).

And I have long since dropped my dream of having an inbox below 100 emails.


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