girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Natcon Bound

OK. Well, *I* think my suitcase is under the weight limit. Hopefully my toothbrush will not break the camel's back. Just to shower and do final toiletries and I have come in with 2 hours to spare. Not without running a ton of errands and managing several emergencies though. For some reason I thought I had to get my legs waxed before Natcon. I have no idea now why? Did that at 10am. Got a coffee and then picked up 75 copies of Horn and 40 copies of New Ceres Nights from the printer. Got cash.

Have now packed. Have no idea what I have actually packed but it weighs just under 23kg.

An enormous shout out of thanks to Adam in Adelaide who is awesome! He has been on the end of every email for Natcon stuff. He's done a brilliant job of the Conjecture website and programming help. And he is helping me out with a last minute printing crisis. I think he totally rocks out!!!

I have a headache.

Horn preorders have been addressed and enveloped and will be posted on my way to the airport.

Now I have time to fiddle with my ipod, shower, sort the dog and do a bit of a tidy up. If you're gonna be at Natcon, see you soon. If you're not, I wish you were coming and don't have too much fun without me!!

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