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Heading back off on the journey

(not a Natcon post)

So this week marks two significant milestones for me. One I'll talk about and one I'll note and talk about later. I had two kind of epiphanies - that's probably a bit excessive for one person in one week but ... you know I am in a hurry.

The first had to do with how I think about myself in my day job/work life/career. I realised that i might just have saved my job - or gotten it funded till the end of the year, not quite sure yet. But the point is that I did it. I was the one who fought for it and went out and lobbied and campaigned and not just that the role should be funded but that I am the best person to fill it. You know, like how you do on a job interview?!

Which lead me to two realisations 1) I am good at what I do and I believe in me. Which in terms of being an engineer? I'm not sure I ever have before. And 2) There's no reason I should still be afraid of panel interviews. Major milestone to reach. And good timing too.

The second is a work in progress so I'll talk more about it another time.

But I also wanted to note that I started a new yoga class this week. I posted a while ago about how I think you meet people along the way and you can tell you are supposed to have met them and you'll be friends for life. And how this was how I felt about my massage therapist. Anyway, I finally made it to one of her yoga classes last night. It was at her house, in the studio, and just 6 people. I signed up for the 5 week course but was glad to hear we will just roll on from there. It was Ashtanga for beginners. And I was all in my head ... I'm not a beginner, I've been doing yoga for over a year and am very flexible blah blah. And the awesome thing was ... I realised last night that no matter where you are in life on something, you are always really at the beginning. The class assumed you knew a bunch of stuff but it was still like learning from the beginning, from that point. So she was very full on with each person and tailoring each move for you and exactly where you are and should be and what you should be working on. And there's no hiding in a 6 person class.

But we also learned to breathe properly which was really awesome and yeah, now I totally get the whole thing and how it works and why you do it. And ... for me, because I am overly flexible, she's on me all the time because that's not the poitn of yoga. And this - Alisa, you need to know exactly how far you can go, and then pull back from that a bit - is why she made me come along in the first place. We have gotten to know each other a bit over the last year or so. She thinks that learning this practice in yoga will be helpful for me in my journey in life. And to be honest, I really could see her point when I was working on it last night. She says it will be the hardest for me ... which is funny, cause you'd not think being flexible would be a handicap in yoga but it is.

So I'm really excited and interested to be on this journey in yoga and with me new guide/friend. And I was thinking that it's been such a long long time since I have wanted to go to an exercise class so much that I would actually go by myself. I never do that.

Anyway .. time for the airport.

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