girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Today's To Do List

Kinda scared to write it cause I know it is ridiculous

  1. Compile the Swancon 2009 survey results
  2. Formulate into words the three Swancon 36 diagrams and create an action plan
  3. Get email inbox into the 80s
  4. Get up to date on slush - Shiny, novellas, Sprawl
  5. Remember to drink some water along with all that coffee
  6. CV
  7. Tidy up TPP financial systems
  8. Sort all the books for posting
  9. Compile unassigned review books list
  10. Sort/neaten up study
  11. Complete Horn admin
  12. Read 20 shorts for LSS
  13. Finish editing Six Suicides
  14. Sort artwork
  15. Start sketching out publishing schedule and workplan for 2010
  16. Audit the ASif! Review copies and update publishers

    probably any more than this is dreaming

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