girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Weekend Wrap up

I have this weird feeling as I sit here at the end of my weekend ... I believe they call it "relaxed"? Who knew this could be achieved after a mere two days of:

Saturday after errand running in the morning, I took a long hot decadent bath and read some really good stories in Eclipse 2. Then I went to bed early. Watched a loooooot of Star Trek - one ep/movie of everything except TNG - and one episode of Serenity whilst doing LSS reading and general mosying around on my email.

Slept into well after 10am this morning. Got up to make coffee, washed the dog and then eventually got out of bed properly and set up for work session with crankynick and vodkandlime. I would have spent the day in bed, is my guess, lazying about and doing a bit of this and that. Instead we sat at my dining table, each in front of a laptop doing our own thing. Where I would have been tempted to get up and do something else, seeing the two other people working got me to refocus and get back to it. I didn't get what was on my to do list done but I did get a few bitty tasks done that have been glaring at me and making me feel generally bad. I got a lot of things done.

We ate a lot of junk which probably I should not do regularly. crankynick and vodkandlime brought excellent work snacks and even something for Benji! And by the end, I felt energised and worked another hour after they left just finalising things that I can now post tomorrow or properly cross off lists. And I was so energised I actually cooked myself a dinner with leftovers for lunches into the week.

While dinner was in the oven, I took another long bath and finished Ted Chiang's "Exhalation".

I've just been chilling this evening but I feel really relaxed. I feel like I had time for me, time to get work things done and caught up on and spent time reading and enjoying what I was reading, which is really rare for me.

And I am ready to enter the coming week. I should try this relaxing thing more often.
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