girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

gritted teeth

So I if were to post here about how kinda stressed/rushed/overloaded/overcommitted I feel, y'all would either laugh at me or throw things right?

I think mostly it's that I know I have lots of little things that need doing and because they are little, they easily get overlooked and put off for another day and so they pile up into a looming pile of "stuff that I have to do but I don't know exactly what that is" - Scary Pile of Stuff. Or background white noise.

I have postponed dinner with two lovely dear friends tonight in order to tackle some of Scary Pile of Stuff so as to feel less stressed/rushed/overloaded/overcommitted. How did I get here after seriously feeling relaxed on the weekend? I still have my sore throat off and on throughout the day and the cold hasn't actually finished having its way with me.

I think in part the stress comes from having been relaxed and catching up on things over the weekend which itemised elements of Scary Pile of Stuff and thus added them to the to do list. Things have to ramp up this week for Book of Endings and Robot War Espresso - though Amanda and Rob have been working on the cover for Robot War Espresso and that's starting to look pretty damn funky. And of course, even though books get to the printers and then get launched, their workload doesn't seem to abate.

Also I have a bunch of to do lists on my desk at work which I have starting combining to one Mega To Do List which also makes me feel antsy - too many things! Which to start on first! Quick! Run every which way all at once!!

Yeah so, go ahead, throw things at me. I know I deserve it.

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